Listed below are several resources to help you, your loved one, and your relationship thrive as you work together to tackle the mental health and addiction challenges you are facing.  These have been excerpted from the book Mental Health Strong, and have been compiled over the course of a decade as a result of research, evidence-based best practices, life experiences, and recommendations.

Resources for person without diagnosis

Resource TypeResource NameResource DescriptionSourceAverage Cost
PhysicalDoctor(s)/Psychiatrist(s)Ensure that both you and your loved one are getting a physical exam at least once a year, and have a medical doctor walking alongside you.Medical doctor or
psychiatrist. Call your health insurance plan to ensure coverage.
Varies depending
on insurance coverage.
PhysicalExerciseExercise creates endorphins in your body, and it is important to exercise for your physical and mental health. Some of my favorites include swimming, walking, running, and playing basketball.Ask your friends and family what they recommend. Make it fun by exercising with a
PhysicalNutrition BooksRead books on nutrition to understand how the food we eat affects our minds. It is important to eat heathy foods and drink enough water throughout the day.Google “food and
gut links.”

The Daniel Plan by Drs. Rick Warren,
Daniel Amen, and
Mark Hyman
Averege cost of food depending on where you live
PhysicalWeight ManagementJoin Weight Watchers online or download the Weight Watchers app on your smart phone to help manage your weight without having to go to
support groups. Also, identify what foods are causing your body to react negatively (e.g., feeling gassy, bloated, and so on).
The Plan by Lyn-
Genet Recitas.

Weight Watchers &
other food-tracking
$20 for the book The Plan.

$20 a month for
online enrollment
PhysicalVitamin Supplements and ProbioticsConsider taking a daily vitamin supplement or probiotic to give your body the right nutrients.Doctor, grocery store$10 - $50
PhysicalThe Egoscue MethodConsider this methodology (of stretching exercises) before doing any surgery for physical pain (for e.g., Google search "Egoscue and back pain" and see what comes up). Pain in your body that is refusing to go away can be the result of bad posture or some misalignment. The Egoscue Method is a proven method to help correct bad posture, misalignment,$300 for an initial Egoscue menu.

$0 - For watching YouTube videos of sample exercises.
EmotionalMental Health BooksRead books on how having a mental health condition can impact your life and marriage. Become an expert in it so that you can better help yourself and your spouse in dealing with the condition.Look up (on Google) books on living with OCD or other mental health conditions$15 - $30 depending on the book
EmotionalTen Days to Self Esteem WorkbookA Workbook that helps you develop cognitive behavior skills to work through your negative thoughts and cognitive distortions so as to have a transformed thought life Ten Days to Self Esteem by David Burns$20 (available on Amazon)
EmotionalNational Alliance
for Mental Illness
(NAMI) Support
Find a NAMI family-to-family support group that works for you in your city. These are run by a therapist, and are very helpful in navigating what to do when you are in a relationship with a loved one who has a mental health condition.www.nami.orgFree
EmotionalNAMI Family-to-Family ClassTake the NAMI Family-to-Family class. This is a free 12-week class that offers training on what mental illness is and how to help your loved one. They fill up quickly, so there may be a waiting list to sign up.www.nami.orgFree
EmotionalCelebrate Recovery programGet involved with Celebrate Recovery which is a biblical 12-step program to work on hurts, habits, and hang-ups. It is a proven recovery program available around the world. The recommendation is to get into a step study for the accountability and healing that can be experienced through applying the 12 steps.www.celebraterecovery.comFree
Emotional7 Cups AppDownload this app for free therapy and people to talk to when you are in a difficult place. This is a newly developed app that has been featured in USA Today, and is helping millions.www.7cups.comFree
SpiritualYour local ChurchAttend a good bible-teaching church in your area and hear from God through the teaching offered there. God has encouraged me through many sermons at my church. Alternatively, you can listen to sermons online. Some of my favorite (and recommended) teaching pastors are listed in the next column to the

Good Teaching Pastors:
Rick Warren, Tony Evans, Pete Scazzero, Skip Heitzig
SpiritualSpiritual warfare and deliverance prayersPray spiritual warfare and deliverance prayers. This is in order to come against anything that is not of this world, and to allow the intervention of God to help in the battle that is outside the (mortal) realm of flesh and blood.Tony Evans and Mark Bubeck have good resource material on spiritual warfare. You might also consider talking with your pastor or checking with a seminary or bible college in your area regarding this matter.Books are $20 or less; local ministry resources could be free or donated.
SpiritualPrayer/Prayer Partner(s)Praying is crucial. Ask God to intervene on your behalf and watch Him work. Prayer resources include:
- finding a place to pray
- finding friend(s) to pray with
- anointing and praying over your spouse's mind

"The prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well. The Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, his sin will be forgiven." (James 5:15)
The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian.

Fervent by Priscilla Shirer.

Armor of God prayer, Serenity prayer.
SpiritualBreaking Free workbookEnjoy this great workbook to work through any of your own issues or areas that you need to break free from. For me, I needed to heal from the idols/strongholds of perfection, fear, anxiety, and codependency. This was a study I did and I truly enjoyed it.Breaking Free workbook by Beth Moore$10 - $20
SpiritualJournalingJournaling is a great way to get your thoughts and feelings out on paper, and writing out your prayers to God. I have a few journals - one for my prayers and quiet time, one to journal events/activities for Keith’s condition (like when he goes to bed, what he’s eating, when he is in crisis, etc.), and one for answered prayers. Do what works for you, but having a record of your journey is helpful.Ross or Marshalls stores$5 - $10
SpiritualThe BibleRead God's Word. This is an invaluable resource to hear from and be inspired By God. Several Bible passages have comforted me during my marital journey over the years. My favorite is Psalm 91.Bible app (NASB or NIV versions).
SpiritualSolitudeSpend some time in quiet solitude to rest your mind, spirit, and soul. We live surrounded by so much noise and stimuli. Give yourself permission and take time to disconnect from the world around you and let your mind rest. This allows God to speak to you and enables you to listen. I like to get away at least a few times a month for an hour o rtwo of quite solitude. The first time I did this practice, I was uneasy because my ears were ringing as I sat in solitude. Now, after years of doing it, I look forward to the quiet. It is refreshing and peaceful!Find a quite, peaceful place near you to practice solitude. I enjoy going to a chapel or church during off hours.Free
SpiritualRetreatGo on a retreat to be inspired, rest, and rejuvenate. Your local church may offer a weekend retreat that you could go on. Check with your local church or other churche in your neighborhood to find a retreat to go on.$100 - $300
SpiritualSpecial Place for prayer in your home - a "War Room"Having a specific place for prayer, crying, solitude and a place to be with God has been so crucial for me. It is the place I can go to every day for comfort, to feel God's presence and to cry my eyes out. I use the small hall closet under the stairs in my home. It has a pillow, a pretty lamp, and a small cabinet for my bible, journal, and books.Create/find a special "you" only place in your home for prayer and communing with God.Free
SpiritualListening to praise and worship musicListen to worship songs that inspire and comfort you. Different songs have brought me comfort as I sang, cried, and played them over and over.
A song would come on the radio or a friend would send to me. May songs comfort you too. I have included a song list for you in the Appendix.
Full list of songs are included in the appendix of my book. Here are a few songs that have brought me comfort:
“Blessings” by Laura Story; “Thy Will” by Hillary Scott; “Broken Together” by Casting Crowns; “Perfect Peace” by Laura Story;
“Oh, My Soul” by Casting Crowns
SpiritualWhat If Your Blessings Come Through Raindrops bookRead an encouraging story about God using personal pain to help others. This is the back story behind the Grammy winning song artist, Laura Story and her song Blessings.What If Your Blessings Come Through Raindrops by Laura Story$10 - $20
SpiritualI Give You Authority bookRead this book to help you understand the potential spiritual impacts in your relationship.I Give You Authority by Charles Kraft.$10-$20
RelationalFriends/FamilyDevelop relationships. Be a friend to others and accept help from loved ones. It takes a team of people to help you, and you need a strong support system to love on you and your loved one. We couldn't have done it without our many friends who have walked alongside us.Be a friend to others, and they will be a friend to you in your time of need. Pray for divine connections.Free; takes intentional time and effort on your part
RelationalMentor(s)Find someone who has more life experience that you do to walk alongside you. It should be someone tha you look up toand who is wise and mature. I have had multiple mentors in my life who have meant so much to me. Ask someone whom you feel connected to if they will mentor you. Free
RelationalSeven Principles for Making Marriage Work bookResist using the four horsemen. These are four areas identified by Gottman in his book that, if used frequently, will cause a marriage to end in divorce. The goal is to eliminate them from your marriage. The four horsemen are criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling.Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Gottman$10 - $20
RelationalSupport GroupsFind a support group for you so that you have a place to share your feelings and hurts, and get input from others going through something similar. Ideally, you should consider joining a mental-health or disorder-specific family support group. NAMI is a good resource to check to find a family support group. You could also search online to find a group that meets in your area. Also consider asking your therapist for a support group.$25 - $50 per session
RelationalChange My Relationship websiteBrowse this resourceful website. Karla Downing's ministry includes books, classes, and online resources on how to deal with difficult Christian relationships. This is a very helpful and low cost resource. Classes include Dealing with a Difficult Marriage, Boundaries, Self-Image, and$10 - $25 per class
RelationalBoundaries bookRead the Boundaries book and learn how to create healthy guardrails in your relationships.Boundaries by Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend$10 - $25
RelationalCodependent No More bookRead the Codependent No More book to learn how to not have your life be completely overtaken by your loved one in trying to "fix" them.Codependent No More by Melody Beattie.$10 - $25
RelationalBible StudyGet involved in a bible study or small group in your area to build a Chris-centered support network around you. It is a place to learn and grow spiritually, hold one another accountable, and pray together.Fine a bible study group in your area through your local church.Free
RelationalSpending time with other couplesSpend time with other "emotionally healthy" couples and be genuine with them about your struggles. There is healing in knowing that your marriage is not the only one with challenges.Ask for intentional time with other couplesFree
RelationalVolunteeringVolunteer together. Mental health conditions can c ause you to focus inwards and become selfish. Start serving together as a couple to shift your focus onto others. God can use this to help you foster relationships with and learn from others. Serve at your local church, a food bank, soup kitchen, homeless shelter, etc.Free
RelationalRejoice Marriage Ministries Sign up to be on the email distribution list of this ministry. They send a daily email filled with testimonials of people standing for their marriages in the mmidst of affairs, divorce, separation, etc. Even though many of the stories are ones affected by adultery, you can draw encouragement and hope from them to stand and fight for your marriage and not give
RelationalLove Dare bookRead this book when the timing is right. I always wanted my husband to do the Love Dare book with me. But this was probably an unrealistic expectation on my part because he was struggling to function and do the basics. Since the healing we have experienced in our marriage recently, God laid it on my heart to read the Love Dare book and do what it suggested with my husband. My recommendation, though, is to utilize this resource after you have worked through your grief, hurts, and disappointments, or to do so if you feel led by God to do this for your spouse.Love Dare book by Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick$10 - $20
ReparationalTherapistWork with a marriage and family therapist to help you navigate through your own pain and grief, set some boundaries in your marriage. If you don't see any change in your marriage after 4-6 sessions, then consider finding another therapist to work with. Also, if your company has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), you can start there too to try to find a therapist.Ask your friends or family members for recommendations regarding a therapist.$0 - EAP
$50 - $175 per session for a licensed MFT (your insurance plan may cover some of these expenses)
ReparationalSpark of Life retreatIt is important to grieve and heal from the loss of not having a typical or normal marital relationship. Consider attending a retreat offered by Spark of Life. It is a 4-day retreat in a remote place to provide you with tools on how to work through grief and losses in your life.www.sparkoflife.orgTravel expenses to get to the retreat facility. Your cost of attending the retreat is covered by generous donors to this ministry.
ReparationalGrief and Trauma Healing sessionsWork with a grief and trauma specialist or therapist. This is typically an 8-week one-on-one intervention to help you work through your grief and loss with an expert. Remote and online sessions are available.$125 - $175 per session for 8 weeks
FinancialLiving within BudgetManage your money so it does not cause additional stress. This helps especially during relapses. Find creative and intentional ways to stay within your stipulated budget.Free; actually maximes your savings
FinancialGiving Give to the Lord (by giving to others through your local church, etc.) and trust God with your finances. This is a great way to put your faith into action. You can never out-give God. sermons-on-tithingDepends on your giving
VocationalCareer DirectTake a career vocation test that matches your personality, talents, and values against 80,000 jobs to identify the best vocation for you or your loved one. This helps give a sense of purpose and direction for work, which is an important part of time cost of $200 - $400
RecreationalSelf Care PlanCreate a list of doing the things that energize you. Biking, walking, seeing a movie, painting, cooking, reading, traveling, going dancing, wine tasting, hanging with friends are all activities that are life-giving to me.See the appendix in the book for referenceFree - $25
RecreationalSelf Care "Crisis" PlanDevelop a self are plan to leverage when in crisis. When faced with a crisis, I go back to the basics - eating, sleeping, working reasonable hours, exercising, spending time with God, and doing things I love. Depends on what is self care for you as each person is different.Free

Resources for person with diagnosis

Resource TypeResource NameResource DescriptionSourceAverage Cost
PhysicalDiagnosisGo to your primary care physician and get a diagnosis and physical exam.Medical doctor or psychiatrist. Remember to call your insurance plan to check coverage.Varies depending on your insurance coverage
PhysicalMedicationTake medication, under the oversight of your clinician, to help correct the chemical imbalance in your brain. You need to work with your psychiatrist to figure out which medication(s) work best for you. It took us several tries before we found the right ones that worked for my husband.Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist. Call your health insurance plan to ensure coverage.Varies depending on your health insurance coverage
PhysicalInpatient (Psychiatric) HospitalIf your spouse or loved one is unable to function and do basic things, or is thinking about injuring self or others (e.g., can't get out of the house, is threatening to kill themselves, etc.), then you may want to call and get them on a "51-50" and get them admitted to a psychiatric hospltal. This will help get them on the right medication(s). Once they are stabilized, the next treatment step can be evaluated (and this could likely be getting them into an intensive outpatient treatment program).Best psychiatric or mental health hospital near you that is covered by your insurance plan. Your insurance plan should help guide you. If not, you may have to call 911 to get help. Whatever you pay for emergency care; insurance should cover this since it is considered "urgent or emergent" care.
PhysicalIntensive Outpatient Treatment CentersEvaluate a 3 to 6 week intensive outpatient program where a therapist will come to your home in order to work with your spouse. In the case of treatment for OCD, they will help conduct ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention) treatment. Such treatments are expensive, but your insurance plan should help pay for it just like how they would pay for medically necessary surgery in case of a serious physical illness.Check the NAMI website for treatment centers specific to disorders. The IOCDF website ( has a list of treatment centers for OCD. If you live in southern California, The Gateway Institute in Costa Mesa ( is an excellent place to seek treatment for OCD and anxiety-related disorders.$10,000 if not covered by your health insurance plan
PhysicalInpatient Residential Treatment ProgramsIf your loved one needs more intense, focused, 24/7 care, then he/she might need to be admitted to an inpatient residential program.McLean Hospltal, VA, Houston OCD Treatment program, OCD Center of Los Angeles to name a few. You can find additional places that offer inpatient programs at$5,000 - $10,000 per month. Your insurance plan should help pay for a portion of this.
PhysicalExposure and Response Prevention (ERP) treatment coupled with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)Incorporate behavioral therapy to help face your fears by doing ERP. Resist giving into compulsions by engaging in ERP, and restructure your thoughts using CBT. Regular talk therapy is not effective in treating OCD. While considering a therapist, make sure they incorporate ERP and CBT in their treatment. If you don't see any results after 6-8 sessions with a therapist, (and if you are doing the hard work), consider switching therapists.www.iocdf.orgVaries depending on your insurance coverage. If paying out-of-pocket, expect to pay $125 - $175 per session for a good therapist.
PhysicalKetamine infusionsConsider getting Ketamine infusions to help you if you are struggling with depression or PTSD. This is a new treatment modality, and upto 70 percent of the people who have received infusions have seen moderate to remarkable improvement in their symptoms. Typical treatment includes receiving a series of six infusions over a span of two weeks. This treatment is still considered experimental, and has been featured in Time magazine recently. In 2019, the FDA approved a nasal spray similar to ketamine to help with depression. Do your own research regarding Ketamine to determine if it is right for you. Several research articles articulating its effectiveness are available online. If you live in southern California, St. Joseph's Hospital in Laguna Beach offers ketamine infusions.$750 per infusion x 6 infusions = $4,500. Your insurance will most likely not pay for this treatment since it is new and considered to be experimental.
PhysicalCase ManagerTry to work with a case manager (offered through your health insurance plan) to help coordinate the different types of care you need. This is a medical resource who is responsible for recommending and coordinating all the care you need. Check with your insurance provider and ask for a case manager. You may have to get a referral from your psychiatrist and/or primary care physician.$50 - $200 per session; may be covered by your insurance plan
PhysicalWelness CenterLeverage a Welness Center present in your city to develop social and life-management skills. These are places where people struggling with mental health condition(s) can go to during the day to work on rehabilitating themselves emotionally, psychologically, and relationally. Typically, welness centers offer free classes on various topics along with fun activities.Research online for a Wellness Center in your area. Free
EmotionalTen Days to Self Esteem workbookRead and work through this workbook to help you conbat cognitive distortions or flawed thinking about yourself and life.Ten Days to Self Esteem workbook. Ask your therapist about this book.$20 on Amazon
EmotionalPracticing MindfulnessPractice this technique to help you focus on the present. To often, our thoughts are about the past or future which is really not helpful. Mindfulness helps center your thoughts on what is important and relevant. Several apps (like Abide, Headspace, and Calm) are available to assist with practicing this techinque.Download the app on the App Store on Google PlayStoreFree - $3 per month
SpiritualCelebrate Recovery programAttend a Celebrate Recovery 12-step program to work on your hurts, habits, and hangups. It is a proven recovery program available around the world through your local church. The recommendation is to join a step study, offered through the program, to experience healing and have accountability. www.celebraterecovery.comFree
SpiritualBiblical CounselorFind a biblical counselor who can counsel you with wisdom from God's Word, and walk alongside you in order to encourage you and speak truth into your life.Referrals from friends or your local church. You can also look for a counselor online.$50 - $100; may not be covered by your health insurance plan
SpiritualUnbound workbookRead and work through the exercises in this workbook in conjunction with seeking counsel from a biblical counselor. This workbook has many practical tools to help you break free from strongholds and idols in your life by saturating your mind with God's Word. This helps to replace lies and distorted thinking with the truth of Scripture.Unbound by Neal Lozano$10 - $20
SpiritualPraying Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance PrayersPray spiritual warfare and spiritual deliverance prayers based on the truth of God's Word. This is to aid in combating spiritual forces of darkness that might seek to inflitrate your life and attack you spiritually. Praying warfare prayers allows God to intervene on your behalf, and help in the battle that is beyond the mortal realm.Look up books on spiritual warfare by Tony Evans and/or Mark Bubeck. Your local church or seminary might have recommendations for people who could pray with you for spiritual deliverance.Books are $20 or less. Local ministry resource(s) could be free. Consider giving a donation for their help/prayers.
RelationalFriends and FamilyBuild strong, healthy relationships with the people in your life. It takes a "village" to support and help you, and you need this support system to lean on especially during the storms of life. You are not meant to do life alone!Focus on being a friend and support to others. In return you will be blessed with their friendship and support when you need it. Pray for God to lead and guide you in cultivating the right friendships. Takes time and intentionality on your part.
RelationalMarriage TherapyFind a good Marriage and Family Therapist to work with you. Be honest and candid as you work through the tough areas in your marriage relationship. Be willing to ask for forgiveness where necessary, seek to understand your spouse's needs, and be willing to change.Internet, referrals from friends or your local church. $50 - $200 per session. Insurance may cover all or a portion of this.
RelationalSupport Group(s)FInd a support group in your area that you can attend. This should be a safe place for you to share your feelings, and struggles with like-minded people. and find encouragement and hope.Ask your therapist. NAMI is also a good resource to find a support group in your area.Free - $25 per session
RelationalVolunteering or ServingVolunteer to help others. Mental health conditions can cause you be inward focused and become very selfish, Start serving others in order to shift the focus from you onto others' needs. Serve at your local church, homeless shelter, etc.. Free; you end up giving back to others.
ReparationalSpark of Life RetreatAttend a free grief retreat with Spark of Life. It is 3-4 days long, in a remote place, and provides you with the space and tools to work through the losses, trauma, and grief in your life.www.sparkoflife.orgFree to attend. Your cost is covered by generous donors to this ministry.
ReparationalGrief and Trauma Healing sessionsWork with a grief and trauma counselor or specialist. This is an 8-week, one-on-one intervention to help you process your grief, losses, and trauma, to heal from them, and to move forward. Remote and online sessions are$125 - $175 per session for 8 weeks
ReparationalRemove Toxic RelationshipsRemove toxic relationships from your life in order to move forward. Leverage a book or online resource on this topic, and solicit the help of a therapist, counselor, or support group to help you through this process.
ReparationalEye Movement
and Reprocessing
Consider this therapy technique that is proven to help with trauma experiences. Ensure that therapist is certified in EMDR.Internet, referral from your therapist or church; your insurance plan may point you to someone too.$125 - $175 per session; your insurance plan may cover a portion of this cost
FinancialGivingGive financially to the Lord and trust Him with your finances. This is a great way to put your faith into action. sermons-on-tithingDepends on your financial giving
FinancialLiving Under BudgetEstablish a budget to govern your living expenses, and stick to it. This helps prepare you for contingencies such as a job loss due to a (mental health condition) relapse. This way, when relapse(s) occur, you don't have the added stress of worrying about your finances.Look for budgeting tools available online. Mint Budget Tracker & Planner ( is the tool we use.Free; actually creates saving for you!
VocationalCareer DirectTake a career vocation test that matches your personality, talents, and values against 80,000 jobs to identify the best vocation for you or your loved one. This helps give a sense of purpose and direction for work, which is an important part of time cost of $200 - $400
RecreationalSelf Care PlanCreate a list of doing the things that energize you. Biking, walking, seeing a movie, reading, traveling, hanging with friends are all activities that are life-giving to me.See the appendix in the book for reference
Free - $25

Resources for your relationship

Resource TypeResource NameResource DescriptionSourceAverage Cost
PhysicalDoing a Physical Activity togetherFind a physical activity that you and your partner can both do together. For e.g., walking, biking, dancing, etc.Look online for recommentations or ask friendsFree - $50
EmotionalMarriage TherapyConsider seeking help from a marriage therapist to work through tough marital issues that come up repeatedly in your relationship. If you don't notice an improvement in your relationship after 4- 6 sessions of therapy, consider finding a new therapist to work with.Look online for referrals for a good Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT). Alternatively, you could ask friends/family for a recommendation.$125 - $175 per session; your insurance plan may cover a portion of this cost
EmotionalMarriage MentorsSeek out a married couple to mentor and walk alongside you, and hold you accountable for your actions. Such a mentor couple would ideally be older than you and have more life and marital experience than you.Ask an older couple in your church or neighborhood to mentor you. Ideally, you should both feel a connection to them and consider them to be wise and spiritually mature.Free
EmotionalHis Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair-Proof Marriage bookRead this book to talk about the needs in marriage. In a relationship where someone is sick, the reality is that many of your needs are not met. Reading this book helps you to understand and communicate with your loved one about your needs as well as know their needs, and reciprocate accordingly.His Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair-Proof Marriage by Willard F. Jr. Harley$10 - $20 on Amazon
EmotionalEmotionally Healthy Spirituality (EHS) SkillsLearn the EHS skills and practice them. These are valuable communication skills to help you work through your emotions and be enotionally healthy, so that you can, in turn, love others and God well.$ 20 - $50
SpiritualOur Daily BreadRead the Our Daily Bread devotional together. This is something that can be read daily in the morning or evening. www.odb.orgFree
SpiritualPrayerPray together as a couple. Couples that pray together stay together!Daily time spent together in prayer and reading the BibleFree
SpiritualChurch AttendanceMake it a priority to go to church together in order to worship and study God's Word. Grow spiritually together as a couple.Ask friends or family members for recommendations regarding a good bible-teaching church in your area.Free
SpiritualChapel/Quiet Place for SolitudeGo to a quiet, serene, peaceful place together to experience solitude and commune with God. Keith and I enjoy going to church chapels or a quiet lakeside for moments of solitude.Ask for recommendations or look online to find a peaceful place.Free
RelationalDate NightsBe with each other by doing fun things together, thereby fostering communication and connection in the marriage. Think back on the things you would do together as a couple while you were dating before marriage, and do those things again, or try new activities together.Research (on Google) inexpensive ideas for date nights$20 - $100
RelationalBuilding MemoriesBuild memories together. For us, this involves traveling.Any activity you can do together to build memories.$0 - $3,000
RelationalHotel nights away from homeTry the Hotel Tonight app to help with booking last-minute hotel deals. This can help with building memories, connection, and intimacy in a beautiful hotel setting if the home environment is difficult or too busy to foster marital$50 - $250
RelationalServing TogetherVolunteer or serve together. This allows both of you to feel good about doing something positive to help others, and shifts the focus away from self onto others.Check with your local church or community center for opportunities to volunteerFree
RelationalThe Significant Marriage seminarAttend a marriage seminar to learn about the unique purpose(s) God has for your$150 - $250
ReparationalA New Beginning retreatAttend a seminar for crisis marriages irrespective of whether you are currently married, separated, or even divorced. This seminar will teach you tools to help save your marriage. Seventy percent of marriages that go through this seminar are saved. The seminar has a cost, but it is cheaper than a divorce!$3,000
ReparationalHow We Love bookRead this book on attachment theory. It discusses how we are emotionally wounded and broken based on our childhood and upbringing, and how we can work toward healing our attachment through the marriage relationship. There are great resources on the website on how to repair a relational rupture. How We Love by Milan and Kay Yerkovich
$10 - $20
FinancialBudget and Finances appManage your finances using the Mintapp so that you can be financially free from debt, and also work toward being a good steward of your finances by serving God and helping others
FinancialFInancial GivingGive unto the Lord and trust Him with your finances - this is a good way to put your faith into action. sermons-on-tithingDepends on your giving
FinancialLiving on a BudgetLive on a budget. This helps prepare you for contingencies such as a job loss. That way, when such events occur, you are not caught unprepared, and don't have to stress about your; actually creates savings
VocationalPurpose LivingIdentify the unique purpose of your marriage and seek to serve others Prayer, The Significant Marriage retreat, Life Coach, etc.$0 - $250
VocationalMental Health First Aid (MHFA)Take this one day class to equip you as a couple with mental health first aid tools (just like CPR for first aid). Consider becoming an instructor with$0 - $25 (as an individual); additional costs are involved for becoming an instructor.
RecreationalDoing fun things togetherDo fun things together. Couples who play together stay together! Find an activity that you both love to do together, or try something new together.Research fun things to do togetherFree - $50
RecreationalToastmastersJoin a Toastmasters speaking club together. This a safe place to practice public speaking. Research shows that activities like ballroom dancing, public speaking, acting, etc. can help the brain develop new neural pathways and heal from trauma. Keith and I have truly enjoyed doing this activity and meeting new people. It is good for your professional development as well.$50 per year of membership