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“A valuable resource for Christians to walk alongside their spouses with mental health challenges.”

“Ramachandran provides resources to help Christians sustain challenging marriages, diving into her own success in setting boundaries and using other self-care methods when her husband chooses unhealthy behaviors. … Biblical Christians will be most comfortable with this material which provides a valuable resource for the challenges of living with mental health disorders.”
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“The book is incredible!”

“The book is incredible!  It has the perfect combination of stories, advice, vulnerability, and practical steps that people can take.  I will definitely refer it to my clients!”   Susie Lindner, M.A., LMFT

“This book is so good and exactly what I needed!”

“A friend just gifted Mental Health Strong to another friend who is going through a difficult season with her husband in her life.  She texted my friend and said, ‘Wow! This book is so good and exactly what I needed!  I can’t put it down!'”   Mental Health Strong Reader

“An invaluable toolkit if you are married to someone who struggles with mental health!”

“The author shares her own story and struggles with such vulnerability. You know she gets it! She writes as someone who has lived it, and this book is full of the many lessons, tools, and resources she has accumulated along the way.  Everyone will find something to use in this book.  A much-needed book since there really isn’t anything out there for this situation.”  Anne-Marie Lockmyer, Author, Speaker, and Founder of Grief & Trauma Healing Network

“A valuable resource for professionals and family members of those with a mental health condition.”

“This book was written with amazing vulnerability, courage, wisdom and grace.  Erin not only tells her story but provides valuable education, resources, support, and encouragement for those who are living with mental illness or are married to someone with a mental illness. Although the focus is on mental health in marriage, it can also apply to other family relationships.  As a mental health professional, I am always looking for resources for my clients, and this book is full of them!”Edie Dornbush, LMFT

“She addresses issues that are rarely discussed.  It’s a book that you won’t want to put down!”

“This book is truly a “how-to” for enduring through the unexpected, tough times in a marriage when one of the partners has a mental health condition.  The author addresses issues that are rarely discussed, especially in the Christian community.  The writing is superb.  It’s a book that you won’t want to put down!” Jeri Davini