26th Annual OCD Conference


The Annual OCD Conference informs and empowers the OCD community by bringing together health professionals, researchers, individuals with OCD, and their loved ones, with the goal of educating all attendees about the latest treatments, research, and practice in OCD and related disorders.


If you or your partner/spouse suffers from OCD, then you know that OCD can be a third wheel in the relationship. This interactive panel will provide insights and strategies to encourage and inspire those couples who are grappling with OCD together. Whether you are the one suffering from OCD or the spouse/partner walking alongside, this panel will provide you with tools and resources to help you navigate the journey together. You will hear real-life stories and learn new techniques to tackle OCD from both sides of the relationship. You will walk away with ideas of how to implement new strategies and learn to recognize the healthy ways that you already use to better fight OCD in the relationship.


  • David Gledhill
  • Erin Ramachandran, MHA
  • Nicholas Ponticello, MSEd
  • Alyssa Gledhill
  • Heidi Hartston, PhD


Jul 20 2019


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


JW Marriott
Austin, TX
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