Our Values


Mission: Mental Health Strong exists to walk alongside married couples where there is a mental health condition in the mix, so that the marriage not only survives, but thrives.


Vision: To help married couples with mental health challenges around the world thrive in their marriages, and act as a catalyst to serve in their unique calling as a couple-for-Christ.


Brand: The tree symbolizes the journey of a marriage with a mental health condition.  The roots depict marital struggles; the trunk symbolizes growth and work done to strengthen the marital bond; the leaves symbolize vitality in the marriage; and finally, the fruit symbolizes beauty arising from trials.

Our Team

  • Erin Ramachandran

    Erin holds a masters degree in Health Care Administration and is a certified Mental Health First Aid instructor.  She has worked for over thirteen years at one of the largest non-profit health plans in the United States, and is currently a Mental Health & Wellness Program Director there.  Outside of work, Erin enjoys traveling, swimming, mentoring, watching movies, and speaking on matters pertaining to mental health, marriage, and faith.  She is passionate about helping marriages affected by mental health challenges.  She lives with her husband, Keith, in Fullerton, California.

  • Keith Ramachandran

    Keith holds masters degrees in Computer Science and Philosophy of Religion & Ethics.  He works as a Senior IT Business Analyst and a freelance web designer.  Outside of work, Keith enjoys reading, traveling, watching movies, biking, and speaking on matters pertaining to philosophy, worldviews, and faith.  His battle with anxiety, depression, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) fuel his passion to help both individuals and marriages affected by mental health challenges.  He lives with his wife, Erin, in Fullerton, California.

Our Purpose

Do you feel hopeless, tired, and worn out in your marriage?  Do you feel as though you’re losing your own mind?  Are you ready to give up on your marriage because of your spouse’s mental health condition?  Twenty percent of the U.S. adult population is diagnosed with a mental health condition each year.  Fifty percent of the U.S. adult population is married.  Twenty to eighty percent of marriages where a mental health condition exists are more likely to end in divorce depending upon the diagnosis.  In the book Mental Health Strong, Erin Ramachandran and her husband, Keith, believe their purpose is to help marriages affected by this 20/50/80 statistic not merely survive but thrive.  They encourage marriages impacted by mental health conditions to work toward being Mental Health Strong.  Written from the perspective of a spouse whose partner battles multiple mental health conditions, this guide offers real-life, faith-based, practical examples and resources.  Mental Health Strong leverages more than fifty resources that have worked for Erin as she lives with the realities of her husband’s mental illness day in and day out.  Erin shares steps, which include prayers and Bible verses, that spouses can adopt to walk resiliently alongside their partners against the backdrop of a mental health condition.

Eight Steps to be Mental Health Strong

Make the Diagnosis clear

Help for you and your spouse

Set some Boundaries

Take time for Self-Care

Remember to Grieve

Own the Journey

Not again — Expect Relapse

Gift of Mental Health